AXiS Electronic Kit (E-Kit)
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The AXiS E-KIT is truly an Axis Percussion innovation - turn any AXiS* drum pedal into an electronic kick drum!  Great for practice sets or turning any AXiS pedal into a stand-alone electric bass drum.

The E-Kit includes our Detonator Trigger System as well as an E-Kit Beater Stop that attaches to the AXiS hoop clamp.  Simply insert your beater from the bottom side of the CAM (see pictures) and your AXiS pedal functions as a dynamic electronic bass drum (or silent practice pad).

* The AXiS Detonator Triggers will work on any AXiS Pedal but do require factory installation on our Left-Handed Double Pedals.  If you are ordering a new Left-Handed Double Pedal with Detonators Triggers, the Triggers will be installed.  If you want to add our Detonater Triggers to an already purchased set of Left-Handed Double pedals please contact us prior to ordering.