AXiS Detonator Assembly
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AXiS Detonator Assemblies are back in stock!


Redesigned and improved for 2023 with a heavier Detonator spring and a few design changes to make these stronger and less prone to breaking.  In addition, all Detonator mounting brackets are now anodized AXiS Red.  Each Detonator Assembly is tested multiple times during production and prior to shipping.  The AXiS Detonator Assemblies will work on any AXiS Pedal and may require factory installation on our Left-Handed Double Pedals.  If you want to add our Detonater Triggers or Detonator Assemblies to an already purchased set of Left-Handed Double pedals please contact us prior to ordering at

Our Detonator Assemblies will work with all AXiS Dentonator Trigger Systems and All AXiS E-Kits. 

Each order included one Detonator Assembly and the necessary installation tool