AXiS Sonic Hammer Beater
Add Extra Cork & Felt :

The AXiS Sonic Hammer Beater was designed specifically for AXiS A and A21 Pedals.  The unique design places the beater in front of the shaft, thereby increasing power while still maintaining a light feel.  The three-way adjustment allows you to fine-tune the Sonic Hammer and dial in the exact power and balance you are looking for. 

The beater head is self-aligning (lands flat every time) and will maximize impact and reduce drumhead wear.  In addition, each Sonic Hammer comes with three playing surfaces - Felt, Cork, or Hard Plastic - to find the exact tone you are looking for. 


Beater Weight - 4.2 oz  (120 g)
Overall Length - 7.5" long

Beater Extension - up to 3"
Beater Size - 1.5" diameter

One beater per order.  
Each beater comes with 1 Cork and 1 Felt surface and 1 drum key screw

AXiS Flathead Beater will fit all AXiS peals and virtually all other pedals