AXiS Flathead Beater
Add Extra Cork & Felt :

The AXiS Flathead beater is designed to be lightweight and powerful. This Versatile beater allows you to dial in for speed, power, and tone.  The beater head is self-aligning (lands flat every time) and will maximize impact and reduce wear on the drumhead.  Every Flathead comes with our 1.5oz AXiS Beater Weight allowing you to find the exact power and balance you are looking for.  In addition, each Flathead comes with three playing surfaces - Felt, Cork, or Hard Plastic - to find the exact tone you are looking for. 


Stainless steel rod
Weight - 3 oz / 85 g 
Overall Length - 8"
Beater Size - 1.5" diameter

One beater per order.  
Each beater comes with 1 Cork and 1 Felt surface and 1 drum key screw.

AXiS Flathead Beater will fit all AXiS peals and virtually all other pedals