Carbon Fiber LONGBOARD
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AXiS Longboards - Carbon Fiber Footboard

Coming in at about half the weight of Aluminum with double the durability and rigidness.  These carbon fiber footboards will give your pedals a lighter feel and the nature of the carbon fiber weave will also provide a "SPRINGY" feel that will act as a shock absorbent. 

All carbon fiber footboards are black with our signature red AXiS USA log.  These footboards will fit onto any AXiS peal and are a quick and easy upgrade to make. 

If you order our Carbon Fiber footboard as part of your pedal order, they will be automatically attached to your pedals unless otherwise noted.  We will also ship you the original aluminum footboard that comes with your order. 

Please Note - all AXiS footboards are hand-painted by a few awesome people here at AXiS and some variability will exist from product to product.