Lee Harrison is the founder, drummer, and main lyricist for death metal icons Monstrosity. He is also the guitarist for Terrorizer which features former Morbid Angel drummer and Axis Pedal endorser Pete Sandoval. Lee began his drumming journey taking lessons in Miami from Bee Gees drummer Steve Rucker. His career spans 30 years of extensive touring and recording between the two bands.

    I am currently playing the very pedals that Pete Sandoval used to record the Morbid Angel album Heretic


    • Touring with Obituary as second guitarist in 2013, touring as drummer in 2018.
    • Writing lyrics for Suffocation 1994.
    • Recording over 60 songs for former Crimson Glory vocalist Midnight and currently handles releasing his solo discography.
    • Appeared on Malevolent Creations 1989 demo. Uncredited writer for several songs from Malevolent Creations Ten Commandments album. (Remnants, Decadence, Malevolent)
    • Titled the second Cynic demo "Reflections of A Dying World". Background vocals on the 3rd Cynic demo.
    • Touring drummer for Inhuman Condition.
    • Appeared with Atheist as a fill in drummer in 1990.
    • Solo band Lavoizen where Lee performs all instruments including vocals.