AXiS Detonator Trigger System
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AXiS Detonator Trigger System is now available!

Our Detonator Trigger is a true AXiS innovation!  Trigger your bass drum without the use of unreliable external acoustic triggers, no more cross-talk, double triggering, or trigger fatigue.  the Detonator Trigger easily mounts to any AXiS pedal* and lets you dial in the exact moment and strength of the trigger signal.  Check out the video on our YouTube for more information on our triggers as well as installation instructions and adjustment techniques. 

Redesigned and improved for 2023 - All Triggers are now anodized AXiS red and engraved with our classic “AXiS USA” logo.  Each order ships with one Trigger, two Detonators, and installation tools.  A stronger Detonator spring and a few design changes make our new trigger system virtually bulletproof. 

Each Trigger is tested multiple times during production and prior to shipping.  \

* The AXiS Detonator Triggers will work on any AXiS Pedal but do require factory installation on our Left-Handed Double Pedals.  If you are ordering a new Left-Handed Double Pedal with Detonators Triggers, the Triggers will be installed.  If you want to add our Detonater Triggers to an already purchased set of Left-Handed Double pedals please contact us prior to ordering.

Note : cable is not included.