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     Asheim was born in Freehold, New Jersey and is of Norwegian descent through his grandparents who were from Stavanger.

    His first instrument was the trumpet, but after a few months, he started playing self-taught drums at age 11 and began to play in small bands at 13. He did his first demo in a studio of one of his school teachers in Freehold, New Jersey. In that period, he developed his interest in extreme drumming. He left his former bandmates because they wanted to play Mötley Crüe, while he was interested in playing Metallica and Slayer.

    In 1985, he moved to Florida and joined "Carnage," where he met Eric and Brian Hoffman. "Carnage" covered Slayer, Exodus, Celtic Frost and Dark Angel songs. After Carnage disbanded in 1986, Asheim and the Hoffman brothers started writing the early "Amon" songs. In 1987, they met Glen Benton and started demoing. Later, they changed the band name to Deicide.


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