Elefterios Santorinios, better known as Phobos, is a Norwegian/Greek artist from Bergen, Norway. Phobos is the drummer for Gorgoroth and Aeternus, as well as the composer, guitarist and founder of Gravdal.

    His musical journey began at the age of 14 when he got his first electric guitar. After playing in a few bands in high school he joined as the drummer in his first serious band Malsain. At the age of 16 he signed his first record deal for Malsain`s debut album They Never Die. Following the release of They Never Die, he formed Gravdal, a black metal side project in which to showcase his talent as a guitarist and composer.

    In 2007-2008 after rapid progression as a drummer over a few short years, Phobos joined dark metal veterans Aeternus as their permanent drummer. A demanding task for a young drummer requiring a high level of dedication, discipline, and proficiency. The notoriety received by playing in Aeternus resulted in him becoming a highly sought after session drummer for various bands. Among others, the legendary black metal band Gorgoroth.

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    To date Phobos has released 11 studio albums with, Aeternus, Gravdal, Malsain, Galar and Betatt. He has toured world-wide with Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Gravdal, Malsain, Galar, Helheim, Sulphur and Tortorum.

    As a drummer Phobos can be described as a highly innovative drummer incorporating elements of jazz, funk, disco and prog rock to create his unique groovy style.

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