Juan Eduardo Dominguez better known as Dom is a is a multi-instrumentalist based in Southern CA. 

    Dom was born July 30, 1984 in Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Music started at around 12 years old playing trumpet in band then onto guitar playing after high school playing in local band before joining the Marine Corps in 2007, where he continued to play and write originals in his barracks room.

    In 2010 Dom was wounded by an Improvised explosive device in Sangin, Afghanistan resulting in the loss of his right arm above the elbow, and both legs above the knees.

    Music played a big part in Dom’s recovery and was even being played throughout his surgeries at the request of his mother Martha. 

    Always wanting to play drums before his accident Dom purchased his first kit in 2011 after being released to outpatient care, and quickly got to work sketching out different ways to adapt a kick pedal. The first kick pedal idea was brought to life by Steve Holub and his incredible team at Hand on Concepts.

    Dom had been taking lessons from Cattle Decapitation drummer David McGraw, and after watching him play he suggested that he might benefit from a direct drive pedal to help get a better response, and help to have more control. 

    It was a game changer for me when I got my longboards, the control and response I had instantly was insane.

    Now that Dom was able to play his kick and had adapted drumsticks thanks to Peter Harsch Prosthetics, he began teaching himself how to play drums by watching YouTube videos of his favorites drummers, and their favorites. 

    In 2011 Dom met Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and had an interesting conversation that lead to two opportunities performing alongside Roger and a band he put together comprised of other wounded warfighters and professional musicians such as G.E. Smith (Hall and Oates) Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) at The Theater at Madison Square Garden for ”Stand up for Heroes 2013”, and again in 2015 at D.A.R. Constitution Hall for ”Music Heals”.

    Dom has now been playing for The Resilient since 2018 a band compromised of musicians and great friends from those two performances playing together with Roger Waters.


    • Axis Black A21 Shortboards
    • Axis Wide/double right w/Microtune