Jorge Iacobellis is a native of Argentina, born in 1956, and took up drumming at the age of 15. Mostly self-taught by listening to classic records such as CCR, Deep Purple, ELP, The Beatles and more. To formalize his musical education and talent, he decided to take up lessons under music masters and in the Teatro Colon.

    His career started by playing in cabaret nightclubs, church bands, ballroom dance bands, and as supporting musician for solo artists, recordings, TV shows, movie, comedy theater and circus.  With this expansive background of music, today Jorge is able to play a wide-range of music genres. 

    I've been playing Axis as an endorsed Artist since 2009 but first first used Axis pedals back in 1995, as owner of my drum shop, Mister Drums, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    I like Axis pedals because of the clean design, dynamic speed, power, easy maintenance, self lubricating and very important, quiet. The pedals are easy to adjust positions and the micro tuning makes for easy tension adjustments while sitting on the throne. The materials used are premium, lightweight and easy to transport, especially when traveling by air and weight is a factor.

    He has played, toured with and served as drum-techs for a number of iconic bands and side projects around the world, mainly known for being the drummer of HIRAX since 2003 with whom he recorded and toured a number of CDs, DVDs and shows.

    The German newspaper described Jorge as a “drum machine missile launcher”.

    In 2018 Jorge formed a new band "Final Decree" with Glenn Rogers. Additional musical activities include productions in his own recording studio with Iggy Elisavenski, a Grammy winner, musician and recording engineer. 


    • Axis A21 laser black pedals (singles and doubles)
    • E-Kit and E3 triggers
    • Hi hat pedal
    • Occasionally the dock port
    • Axis soft carrying bag