Humberto Zambrin is a Brazilian Metal drummer that got interested n drums at age of 9, back in 1983 but started officially studying at the age of 15. He went through many schools and studied with renowned Brazilian drummers such as Duda Neves, Lilian Carmona and Fabiano Manhas.

    He started playing in underground Metal bands from 1991 until 2003 when he decided to improve his drumming by learning to play different styles.

    I’m a traditional guy, so I own two pairs of Axis A21 Sabre, one in Black and another one that’s a mix of aluminum and black finish. Axis pedals are the best! Seriously, Axis is the only pedal I have played with that can turn the job into easy stuff! 

    In 2012 he started his own band, AttracthA, which received several awards within and outside of Brazil for their first album “No Fear to Face What’s Buried Inside You” released in 2016.

    Nowadays Humberto is working with his band mates on a new AttracthA’ s album, as well as working on side instrumental metal projects as well as content for his YouTube channel. He also owns a studio in Sao Paulo.

    Axis A21 Longboards