Fabiano Manhas 29 years as a professional drummer and 35 as drummer.  He started his studies in Goiânia in 1985 at the Franz Shubert Conservatory, taking courses in theory and drums with Décio Hernandes Gonçalves for 2 and a half years.  He went to São Paulo where he studied for 1 year with Paulo Campos, 2 years with Duda Neves and 2 years with Alaor Neves.  Already in 1990 he worked in bands and with the renowned band Platina, starting to stand out playing with great guitarists such as: Silas Fernandes, Walmyr Tavares, Fábio “Indio” Amaral, Carlos Quefrem, Zé Renato Luiz, 1 week of presentations with Mozart Mello and always taking advantage of the strong instrumental scene of the time, Colony rock opera, bands, singers etc. 

    He took several courses at Fap Arte, and other institutions.  He left for didactic research in the US, where he did a private class with Kenwood Denard and Skip Handden – professors at Berklee College.  He participated in several lectures on didactics and symposia.  He visited legendary instrument makers in order to understand how the market and instrument manufacturing worked.  For the best development of the students, he always sought to learn techniques for didactics and the musician's connections with the music business.  These research works were in 4 stages in the USA, a time when the internet was not so strong.

    Even acting in Brazil in various scenes, such as recordings and accompanying gospel and secular musicians, and also doing clinics, Fabiano was always looking for more.  He has been interacting 3 times at the Famous Drummers Collective NY.  On the last visit, under the analysis of its management, he received the institution's representation for the preparation of exchange students.

    In addition, Fabiano was graduated with honors by OMB, twice, for his strong impact on didactic work in Brazil and for his tireless struggle to improve the drum scene.  He always fought for people to seek quality and awareness of knowledge and learning.  He released 3 video lessons, 1 solo cd and 2 DVDs.

    Fabiano participated in numerous national and international drum festivals such as Zildjian Day, Zildjian Tour, Bataka Fest Ecuador, Laguna Drum Fest Mexico, Aquarian Day in Ecuador and Brazil.  In addition to Master Classes in Mexico and Chile, clinics in the US, presentation at NAMM, drum festivals throughout Brazil, hundreds of clinics and Master Classes.  

    Fabiano, with the Music and Specialization Institute, founded in 1999, has been bringing and promoting education, inserting and directing musicians to the market.  It is a place where drummers, recognized or not, seek expertise, evolution, support and knowledge in drums and in areas such as pro Tools, audio, recording, professional mixing focused on drums. 

    A fighting career, built with a lot of sweat, dedication and determination, always facing the difficulties of an unstable and unfair national market, but always with the support of his fans, students and family.

    Axis A21 Longboards