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      Drums became my life in 11th grade, which was around 2005 I believe. I started jamming with some friends and we began learning everything from Death, to Necrophagist. We started a band and just kept learning and playing. I eventually made it into a few other bands here and there and played for years all over the place. 

      A couple years later, I settled down in Va. briefly after I got married and started to "grow up"  and started taking my drumming a lot more serious, and really started to work on my technique. Doing drum exercises, workouts, routines, rudiments, everything. Shortly after that is when I joined up with Bury the Memories and I just continued working on my skills while creating a full length album with them.

      Fast forward to about 3 years later (2013). That was when I was approached by the guitarist and vocalist of Visceral Disgorge. I had previously jammed with these guys 7 years ago or so in Eaten Alive and was part of the original Visceral Disgorge lineup back in 2009. We had discussed me doing live drums in the studio and then being a concrete drummer! Jammed with these guys for years until the loss of our guitarist Steve! Found a suitable replacement to your and after touring continued the writing process….. the rest is history! Dropped slithering eviseration anf will continue to bring brutality to all! 

      Band affiliations / independent? - visceral disgorge, anomaly, abstraction, bury the memories, book of the dead (live drummer)



      • Axis Wideboards
      • A21 double