Andrey started playing drums in late 1980’s. During 30-year career he played with lots of bands, Arkona, Catharsis (Rus), Hieronymus Bosch (Rus), Scrambled defuncts, to name a few, have toured with Paul Di Anno & Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden), Ronnie Romero (Rithche Blackmore’s Rainbow, CoreLeoni, Ferrymen, etc.) & Morrison orchestra, John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep). Now he is a current member of Cherny Kofe, famous Russian band, and some other bands, like Bestial Invasion, Melancholy, and do a lot of session work also.


    I started using Axis AL-2 longboard pedals 10 years ago, back in 2012, and these pedals worked great in all my countless shows over the world. I still use Axis AL-2 longboard — and it works!

    I also have used different beaters by Axis — Marksman beaters are easiest to play, and Sonic Hammer Extension beaters are more powerful. I mostly used Marksman beaters in my years in Arkona, but for now I use Sonic Hammer for more solid drumming.

    I used Axis pedals and beaters for years, and need to say, they always work great, and don’t need any kind of fixing through a long times of playing in all climate types, from freezing till heating — that’s what I need first from drum gear.



    • Axis AL-2 Longboard
    • Marksman Beaters
    • Sonic Hammer Extensions